About Me

My name is Terrence, and I love all things data. This website is to help the average person use the tool available to them to improve their lives, relationships, finance, goal and much more. Currently I work in Ad Tech, doing various things in the industry. I went to college for a BA in Math, and minor in Stats. Grow up with eleven siblings and was home-schooled. Thus, I learned to teach myself and navigate life my asking lots of questions and never giving up.

With that being, I wanted to share my experiences and perceptions of the world in hope to at least help one person in data-driven world. Right now there are various companies, services, etc that are in the data game. Data has essential became the new oil and this obvious by just looking at the top companies in the S&P 500 Google, Amazon Apple etc. Basically in order to be a top company in our day and age each must figure out how to scale the business. In order to do that, it requires massive amounts of data.

On a side note, just to help explain when I use the term data. This is any stat, metric, record, information about something. That can when you set your alarm in the morning with your Iphone which apple owns. Or what websites you visit from a Google search which Google owns. Data is just information that is stored in a place, called a database. Then that data is used to make decisions. For example, if Google knows you always visit a news site in morning. They can sell this information to some provider, which can then sell it to an advertising company. Which then can send targeted ads such as coffee ad or something.

Since we have so many different services that are helping individuals with various things. The tricky part is to find out how you can use all this. We know that company use data to help the business and drive profits, that is normal. But how can the individual benefit from their own data? Do you know how to export your browser history, and use that data to better yourself? What about the data from how many times you press snooze on your alarm in the morning? That could be helpful in gauging how well your sleep is. Or maybe you can see that the days , where the snooze button is not pressed you are more focused, and energized.

This is the whole point of this blog how can the everyday layman use all this data. That will gain insights into yourself and your life. Because if we can help our selves – why not.

Other projects: https://shortsummarybook.com/ and https://terrenceslovesapples.com/